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Segmenting your email campaigns is proven to significantly improve performance across the board, from opens to clicks to conversions.

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Different Promotions for each segment

An effective customer retention strategy must include well-timed, relevant communication with your audience. Your subscribers fall into two distinct categories: those who seldom open your emails and those who engage often while making frequent purchases.To foster good relationships with these two groups, retailers should recognize their differences and not treat them as though they all share the same preferences. One easy way to do this is to use customer segmentation to personalize marketing content within your promotional emails.

What is Segmentation?

Simply put, segmentation is the act of dividing your email subscriber and customer lists into targeted groups who share purchasing habits. Implementing segmentation in a retail email marketing strategy ensures that each specific audience will receive messages and offers tailored just for them. By narrowing the focus of your marketing campaigns with relevant content, retailers can better engage customers, increase email open and click rates, and boost revenue.

Segmenting your email campaigns is proven to significantly improve newsletter performance across the board, from opens to clicks to conversions. Below are a few examples of how our clients transformed their batch-and-blast weekly email marketing campaigns with segmentation to improve conversion rates and maximize results.


Targeted Email Lists

Artizara segments their customer base in order to send targeted emails to best customers, recent one-time buyers, and all others. They simply change the email copy to personalize the messaging and the offer for each audience. The generic version of the message has a product recommendation, but no discount because these incentives are only available to previous purchasers. One-time buyers receive a $10 discount on any purchase, as a way to motivate a second order. Best customers receive a $20 discount on a purchase of at least $100 because they are more likely to make another order with a higher basket value.

All Others

 One-Time Buyers

Best Customers

Relevant Messaging

Sending customers email content with relevant messaging is a proven best practice for retention marketing. Retailer Corset Story targets its various customer groups with personalized content. One of the ways they segment their audience is by language. Their customer base spans across many different countries, and by reaching customers in their native language they are able to build a better relationship with them. This promotional email has three variations based on the most popular languages of their purchasers: English, Italian and Spanish.





Optimized Incentives

MyBinding offers different promotional incentives depending on each customer’s purchase history. This retailer offers potentially churning customers a larger discount (15%) as a way to bring them back into the purchase cycle. In contrast, their best customers receive a slightly smaller incentive (10%) because they are more likely to purchase again, and discounts are less important to their buying decisions. By varying the offers given to different segments, MyBinding can launch email marketing campaigns with tailored content that speaks to various customer behavior.

Churning Customers

 Best Customers




Segmentation helps online retailers avoid sending customers irrelevant offers, and instead makes it easy to deliver well-tailored messaging that suits each individual’s needs. By gauging customers’ interests, retailers can enact effective email marketing campaigns that drive better engagement and revenue.

Windsor Circle’s customer retention software allows you to leverage customer data to send unique, automated promotional messages to various segments, and helps you easily compare email campaign results so that you can refine your marketing efforts for maximum success.

To learn more, download the SkinMedix case study and discover how they saw 50x ROI from segmented promotional emails.

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