Valentine's Day

While couples are celebrating their romance by exchanging gifts and enjoying formal dinners on February 14th, retailers double their email volume and rake in billions in sales. Thus, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by both lovers and marketers!

Whether your business offers gift-worthy products or accompaniments to the Valentine’s Day experience, or even if you feel it might be an awkward fit for this romantic holiday, getting a jump on your competitors is crucial to driving sales.

Valentine’s Day is a unique time for giving gifts to those we care about and with whom we want to maintain great relationships. But it's also an ideal opportunity to strengthen connections with your email subscribers and customers. In the examples below, read about a few effective strategies our clients use to leverage Valentine’s Day to their advantage.

Let Them Know They won't miss the Date

ProFlowers understands that customers don’t want to miss such an important day. So, to ease customer fears of not having a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a significant other on Valentine’s Day, the ProFlowers email newsletter promises timely delivery of gifts – right up to the day. The bold, pronounced letters of the subject line lets customers know that they are nearing the deadline, but ensures them that it’s not too late to send a delivery for Valentine’s Day if they act right away. The message of guaranteed delivery before Valentine's Day is repeated and highlighted throughout the email. 

One of the many custom segment fields that Windsor Circle’s software powers is the ability to target last-minute shoppers using historical purchase history

Give Them Guidance

ThinkGeek removed shopping obstacles by offering their customers a whimsical, "geek"-targeted Valentine’s Gift Guide in pre-Valentine’s Day emails. The image-rich newsletter with bold colors and minimal navigation options keep subscribers focused, as well as emphasize the primary call-to-action (CTA). This retailer stays true to branding with the tone of their email, and also makes subscribers feel supported by acting as a trusted Valentine’s Day shopping advisor.

Retailers can use Windsor Circle’s retention automaton marketing technology to deliver branded content to assist shoppers in making their next purchase, while also offering them relevant content that they will appreciate. 

Offer Gift Cards

Almost half of Americans purchase gift cards during holiday shopping, and Candy Favorites was smart to promote a "Sweet Certificate" gift card options in their Valentine’s Day email campaigns. They offer a perfect way for customers to send a delicious treat to loved ones in the form of an e-gift card, so they can "choose our indulgences carefully." Candy Favorites further encourages customers to take the safe route by not relying on snail-mail and giving an electronic gift instead.


Gift cards are popular Valentine’s Day gifts, and our Retention Dashboard enables retailers to suggest these and other product recommendations easily, while managing all of your email marketing initiatives in one place.

Give more get more

MyJewelryBox uses Valentine’s Day to be playful with their customers by offering a "Naughty or Nice" necklace options driven by featured sales and promotions. This retailer’s email newsletter highlights on-sale jewelry in the top navigation, with specific discounted products nicely emphasized with quality images. They even offer a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to assist their customers in finding the perfect item. For those not buying gifts on Valentine's Day, MyJewelryBox also includes links for subscribers to engage with them on social media in order to stay up-to-date with future promotions and deals.

  • Other effective holiday promotional options include:
  • Encourage free gift-wrapping or include free shipping.
  • Offer customers the ability to add a personal message enclosed in an envelope to accompany gifts.
  • Give customers the option to return gifts at no additional cost.
  • Promote a unique discount code.

Retailers using our customer retention software have the ability to easily personalized emails and offer specific discounts based on Customer Lifetime Value.

Don't feel left out

Perhaps you’re not selling anything that could be described as a “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift. Zenni has found a way around this dilemma by essentially creating promotional content that places their products directly into the context for this holiday. Perhaps eyeglasses aren’t the go-to gift for this amorous occasion, but this retailer has figured out how to hone in on the Valentine's Day theme perfectly.

Windsor Circle’s software makes it easy for eCommerce merchants to design and deliver holiday-themed promotional content in email newsletters, in order to maximize the value of the occasion and not miss out on great sales opportunities. We also offer tools to customize delivery options so retailers can send the right product suggestion to the right customers at the right time.

 Subscribers appreciate the Valentine’s Day love your email newsletter sends!

Holidays like Valentine’s Day present key opportunities for retailers to target new customers and remarket to existing customers in order to increase repeat purchases. Windsor Circle's automated retention marketing software is packed with features that provide online retailers with data-driven personalization to raise revenue, ensure customer loyalty, and improve overall engagement. Our software gives marketers the ability to trigger automated email campaigns that help you meet overall revenue goals.

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