Browse Abandonment Campaigns

Turn page views into revenue with browse abandonment campaigns.

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Send known site visitors who browse without putting anything in their cart an email to bring them back to the site to make a purchase. Dynamically recommend products and categories based on each visitor's individual viewing history, as well as show recently viewed items (product or category).

Behavioral Track & Trigger featuring Browse Abandonment Campaigns

Key Features:

Target visitors who browse your website but don't put products into their cart or make a purchase. Automatically target and re-engage visitors with relevant, personalized, and timely messaging to bring them back to complete their purchase. Features include:  


Behavioral Track and Trigger Product Booklet: Know What They Want Before They Want It.

Learn about about how to run your own Browse Abandonment Campaigns by DOWNLOADING the guide. 



Trigger Emails Based On Product Category

Our email templates allow you to dynamically insert images of recently viewed products or product categories and serve them to subscribers and customers.  Additionally, you have the option to include recommended products, based on the customer’s shopping behavior.

In this example, this retailer triggers emails showcasing similar products based on category of last viewed products. This email will show a variety of similar bookbags and accessorires to the one actually viewed but not purchased on the site. 

Remind Your Customers What They Viewed

This email example is one that is triggered based on specific items viewed. You have the ability to add similar items, categories or simply jog your customer's memory around exactly what they previously browsed.

These types of dynamic email templates can save time and resources as they automatically sync up with your product catalog and make sure your customers recieve the most relevant products. Incorporate one or more of our countless design and format combinations to create the perfect email. Our email templates are also responsively designed to ensure that customers are able to view and navigate your emails no matter the device they’re using.  

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