Cart Recovery Emails

Automated cart recovery emails lead to more conversions. Our clients experience average recovery rates of 15%, more than 7x the industry average.

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Average online retailers see 65% lost in shopping carts

This results in nearly $4 trillion worth of merchandise lost each year. Of this 65 percent, only 2% of the abandoned carts are recovered. Online shoppers abandon carts for numerous reasons such as trouble completing the checkout process, lack of confidence in store polices, or aiming to receive the lowest possible price.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is critical for every retailer.

Data-driven, automated cart recovery emails can lead to more conversions. In fact, with our three-part cart recovery campaigns, our clients experience average recovery rates of 15%, more than seven times the industry norm.

Here we cover a few examples of successful strategies our clients have implemented in their shopping cart recovery emails using customer data and segmentation.


Troubleshoot Your Checkout Process begins recapturing abandoned carts by offering contact information to provide assistance with the checkout process. The retailer also includes an image and link to the product leading straight to their eCommerce site for easy ordering. They also include a link to their store’s return policy as a way to build trust with potential customer.



Recovering Carts with Reminders

FacialCo, reminds visitors who abandoned carts to complete their purchase, and by includes images of the abandoned items. There is also a reminder that free shipping is available with orders above a certain threshold, which emphasizes the value of the products along with the great deal the shopper left behind. FacialCo offers the a choice between revisiting the product page or taking the visitor directly back to the abandoned cart, both options have clear and bold call-to-actions.



Incentive Based Cart Recovery

Price conscious visitors might require a gentle push, in the form of incentives, to successfully complete the first purchase from your eCommerce site. However, our cart recovery solution also includes anti-gaming technology, which gives retailers the ability to regulate coupon usage and prevent coupon abuse.

NaturallySweet re-targets prospective buyers with a 5% off incentive once they complete their purchase. NaturallySweet employs a bold creative to grab the email recipient’s attention followed by the message body that includes the proposed incentive. This cart recovery email also recommends that visitors sign up to NaturallySweet's loyalty program to receive additional discounts in the future.