Magento Imagine 2013

Windsor Circle was a proud sponsor and exhibitor at Magento's 2013 Imagine eCommerce conference in Las Vegas, April 8-10th. We met many retailers, agencies, and technology providers who are excited about retention marketing automation.  One of our clients using Magento,, gave a great talk at Imagine - you can read the case study here.

Whether you went to Imagine, or heard about our solution through the Magento community, we're pleased to make the $1 Million Retention Automation Fund available to merchants using Magento!

Apply to the $1 Million Retention Automation Fund

Get 3 Months of Windsor Circle's Vault Analytics for Free!

We're launching our $1 Million Retention Automation Fund at Magento Imagine.  Retailers who use Magento as their eCommerce platform can apply now for 3 months of free Vault Analytics, Windsor Circle's retail and eCommerce analysis software.  Simply apply using the form below!

What’s in your Vault?

  • Analyze & compare historical order data.
  • See key metrics like AOV, CLV, & latency.
  • Define & assess unique customer segments.
  • Learn your best traffic sources & email timing.
  • Know your repeat buyer trends & retention stats

Imagine keeping more of your customers!

Windsor Circle helped online retailers grow their repeat buyers by 46% from 2011 to 2012.  Considering that repeat buyers are 4.8 times as valuable as one-time customers, successful retention marketing automation can have a big impact on your revenue and margins.  Imagine keeping more of your customers! 

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