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Unique to the eCommerce tools & hardware industry is the natural tendency for product purchases to be seasonally and category based. Customers who purchase tools & hardware are typically in immediate need of the product, and cannot afford to make a purchase that isn’t going to be usable right away. More often than not, a customer will need additional products within a particular category, i.e. if a customer bought a drill, they will probably need drill bits, and eventually a drill bit sharpener. Acting ahead to prevent returns, and making category based product recommendations, can be very valuable for increasing loyalty and generating future sales.

Tools & hardware companies using batch and blast email marketing risk returns and the loss of future upsells. However, by integrating customer data with email marketing, these retailers can relevantly reach their individual customers with different needs and preferences to ensure proper usage of equipment, minimize returns, and execute future product upsells. 

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Client Spotlight: Bulb America

Increasing Repeat Sales

Windsor Circle’s tools & hardware clients, such as Bulb America, have effectively done away with batch and blast emails, yielding impressive results by integrating retention automation into their email marketing campaigns to improve customer experience, both on and offline. 

BulbAmerica is the largest American wholesale provider of lighting fixtures and light bulbs. They carry an extensive variety of lighting products and provide their customers with expert product knowledge. As part of their commitment to providing top-notch service BulbAmerica created automated product recommendation emails to introduce their customers to products that pair well with prior purchases.

Discover how since implementing the Windsor Circle Retention Automation Software, Bulb America has seen 21.7x the repeat buyers, who, incidentally, account for 95% of revenue generated from data-driven lifecycle marketing.

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