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The eCommerce sporting goods industry is unique in that revenue is heavily performance based. Windsor Circle’s Customer Retention Automation Software enables companies in the sporting goods industry to leverage purchase data to strategically design email marketing campaigns with the highest potential for customer retention.

Sporting goods companies using batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers with different needs and preferences. By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our sporting goods clients are able to segment customers and trigger relevant product recommendations based on unique purchasing behavior including brand preferences and intended usage, all while educating customers on new products, rewarding best customers and retaining churning customers. 

Client Spotlight: evo

Product Education to Mitigate Returns

For our client, an outdoor sporting goods retailer, ski boots are their highest grossing product category, selling over 16,000 pairs each year. So, when they realized the high number of returns and exchanges from online ski boot orders, they had to counteract quickly.

Attributing this challenge to improper at-home try on, leveraged purchase history and product data, powered by Windsor Circle, to trigger an automated 3-part how-to series helping customers understand the best way to try on their newly purchased ski boots. The campaign successfully led to reduced return rates, improved customer satisfaction, brand engagement, and repeat sales, generating 3.2x their average open rates and 9.6x their average click rates.

"I have never seen a marketing platform be able to do things like this" - Jessica Steinberg, Email Marketing Manager


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