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The eCommerce service & subscription industry is one that relies heavily on customer retention and loyalty. The goal for these companies is to enlist customers in programs that turn them into evangelists. A variety of different products, from food and health care, to beverages (adult and caffeinated) and beauty can be included in this category, as well as many others.

Subscription companies using batch and blast email marketing are missing the opportunity to reach their individual customers who haven’t yet opted into a full subscription, while also losing opportunities to make personalized up-sells to those who are actively subscribed. Additionally, service companies performing batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers who are due for a service renewal or new service, i.e. “Ready to get those eyebrows waxed again?” “House looking a bit dirty?” “Time for a refill? Let us warm your cup up.”

By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our service & subscription clients are able to not only trigger reminder emails to customers when they are due for product refills, but also make relevant product recommendations based on purchase history, educate customers on new products, reward best customers and retain churning customers. Such data-driven marketing activities increase customer retention and customer lifetime value, driving new revenue streams for our clients.

Client Spotlight: KitchFix

Client Spotlight: KitchFix

Spotlight on Retention

KitchFix, specializing in delivering superfoods with super standards right to the convenience of your home, offers a home delivery service of ready-to-eat chef-crafted meals. KitchFix has over 10 automated campaigns running, each consisting of a unique series of engaging emails. For example, the New Customer Orientation campaign consists of an automated 8-part series running on a 14-day cadence. Specifically, KitchFix integrates next week’s menu, guidelines for enjoying your order at peak tastiness, last minute order placement tips, a $10 off coupon in exchange for taking a quick survey, how-to get VIP treatment, free delivery options, and educational materials on improving your diet and life with delicious and nutritious meals. This campaign has seen average open rates of 52.1% and click through rates of 8.5%. Discover how by integrating a triggered Win-Back Campaign as part of their email marketing strategy, KitchFix has increased repeat buyers by 302%.

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