Gift Industry

The eCommerce gifting industry is a specialized niche market inclusive of a wide variety of companies offering merchandise such as collectables, ornaments, accessories, décor, books, toys, music and much more. Since eCommerce gift sites are designed specifically to facilitate the gratifying and warm experience of gift giving, the way in which these retailers interact with their customers should be reflective of this as well.

Gifting retailers using batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers who have different gifting needs. By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our gifting clients are able to not only make relevant product recommendations based on purchase history, but also educate customers on new products, reward best customers and win back churning customers. For example, segment your customers who purchased flowers during the first week of May last year and send them an, “Ordering flowers soon?” email. Segment your customers who’ve purchased only children’s gifts and send them an, “You’ve checked off everyone on your list, but you! Here’s our gift to you” email. Segment your customers who’ve purchased a gift from the teachers only category and send them an, “Teacher Appreciation Day is approaching, our suggestions for you” email. Such data-driven marketing activities increase customer retention and customer lifetime value, driving new revenue streams for our clients.

Who We Work With

Windsor Circle’s online gifting retailers, such as Story Book Kids, Marbles: the Brain Store, and Hearth Song have effectively done away with batch and blast emails, yielding impressive results by integrating retention automation into their email marketing campaigns. We work with mid-market to enterprise gifting retailers, such as: 

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