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The eCommerce electronics industry is unique in that revenue is heavily performance based. Windsor Circle’s Predictive Marketing Software enables companies in the electronics industry to leverage purchase data to strategically design email marketing campaigns with the highest potential for customer retention.

Electronics companies using batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers with different needs and preferences. By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our electronics clients are able to segment customers and trigger relevant product recommendations based on unique purchasing behavior including brand preferences and intended usage, all while educating customers on new products, rewarding best customers and retaining churning customers. Such data-driven marketing activities increase customer retention and customer lifetime values, driving new revenue streams for our clients.

Client Spotlight: Griffin Technology Who We Work With

Griffin Technology

Increasing Engagement

Griffin Technology, a leading online retailer in accessories for personal computing and digital media, was sending emails on a weekly basis that were not particularly targeted. Regardless of what a customer buys or how often, they all would receive the same promotions and product emails.

In their first week with Windsor Circle, Griffin Technology deployed 4 targeted emails over the course of 3 weeks, Griffin Technology saw 2x the engagement from these segmented promotional emails when compared to non-segmented emails from the prior 6 month period. Based on purchase history, the campaign segmented customers by One Time Buyers, Two+ Buyers, Churning Customers, and All Others, each of which received unique content and promotions. The customers who engaged with these emails by clicking through to the site stayed on the site 80.2% longer and converted 315% more often than the site average. To learn more about how Windsor Circle helps our client double engagement, download the Griffin case study.

Download the Griffin Technology Case Study

Who We Work With

Retailers in the electronics industry can gain a leg up against the competitions by delivering a personalized experience, and incorporating product education and dynamic product recommendation campaigns into their email marketing campaigns. 

We work with mid-market to enterprise retailers, such as: 

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