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The eCommerce auto & outdoor industry is unique in that merchandise is very specialized. Windsor Circle’s Predictive Marketing Software enables companies in the auto & outdoor industry to leverage purchase data to strategically design email marketing campaigns with the highest potential for customer retention.

Auto & outdoor companies using batch and blast email marketing are challenged with relevantly reaching their individual customers who have different interests and needs. By integrating Windsor Circle’s data-driven marketing approach, our auto & outdoor clients are able to not only make relevant product recommendations based on purchase history, educate customers on new products, reward best customers and retain churning customers, but also encourage increased engagement through social media platforms and gaming strategies.

Client Spotlight: Kings Camo Who We Work With

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Client Spotlight

Hitting the Bullseye

Windsor Circle’s online auto & outdoor clients, such as Kings Camo, have effectively done away with batch and blast emails, yielding impressive results by integrating predictive lifecycle marketing into their email marketing campaigns.

To reward best customers and encourage buyers throughout their lifetime to purchase more, one of the nation's leading police gear retailers, has developed a unique gaming structure with 4 Levels of Achievement. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum metals are awarded to customers as they spend $300, $600, $1000, and $1500 over their lifetime, with an incentive to receive 7%, 10%, 12%, and 15% off the next order, respectively.

As customers spend, next level emails are triggered, with coupon codes included. Using language such as “Congratulations! You have achieved gold status” and “You have unlocked this status by spending…” create excitement around spending, and encourage increased purchase behavior.

Integrating such campaigns, as well as other data-driven lifecycle campaigns, have increased this particular retailer's sales by over $100,000 in just one year.


Who We Work With

Auto & outdoor clients are using personalized email marketing campaigns and gamification to implement a reward structure, which encourages higher customer lifetime values. Such data-driven marketing activities increase customer retention, driving more revenue for our clients, including:

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