3 Key Themes from Magento Imagine 2015

Las Vegas. Know for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, nightlife...and eCommerce conventions?

This year, just like last year and the years before, Magento Merchants gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Imagine 2015 conference. After a few days to recover from the long days of educational material and the even longer nights of networking, here are the three main themes we saw at Magento Imagine:

1. Customer Experience Leads The Charge:

Not surprisingly, customer experience sits front and center for retailers as they look for ways to create seamless customer experiences both online and in-stores. Omnichannel was the word of the week, with vendors, retailers, and Magento employees embracing it as the latest and greatest need for all eCommerce retailers. But how does one actually attain Omnichannel nirvana? Take a look at theme 2.

2. Leveraging Data to Drive Growth:

If we say that creating a seamless customer experience is key to eCommerce success, then having access to actionable data is a must. Without the ability to integrate all of your platforms, customer experience will be clunky at best and you can go ahead and wave goodbye to the title "Omnichannel Retailer." Finding ways to integrate data, whether it's product, purchase, and customer data to send relevant emails, or shipping and order information from Magento to your designated 3PL proivder, is top of mind for leading retailers today.

3. It's Just a Beta:

The other word that seemed to be inserted into every conversation I came across was innovation. Part of innovation is growing your product and taking risks - shredding the box, if you will. During her keynote session, Emily Kulp, Senior Vice President, eCommerce & Omnichannel Marketing at Rebecca Minkoff, stated, "at some point you have to embrace what you have in front of you and understand that it's just a beta. Just a version. You've got to start running before you get caught up." The bottom line? If you aren't moving, you've fallen behind. eCommerce is fast paced and product needs to evolve as quickly as consumer whims do. Sure, it's great to be able to release the most perfect version of your product, but it's better to release the MVP (minimum viable product) and work towards perfection (use your evangelists to gather product feedback) than to release a perfect product that no one will use.

As eCommerce retailers wrestle with blending their online and in-store experiences in an effort to create a seamless customer experience, they will need to do three things: find ways to integrate their solutions to attain Omnichannel stature, leverage data to grow their business, and find new ways to innovate their product, quickly.

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