Customer Engagement World 2014


Customer Engagement World 2014 Windsor CircleWindsor Circle is excited to announce that we are exhibiting at Customer Engagement World 2014 in New York, Nov 5-6. Read on to learn more about the growing field of multi-channel customer engagement and get a synopsis of key thought leadership on the agenda.

SkinMedix: Smooth Segmentation


SkinMedix Windsor Circle Million Dollar saw over 50x ROI by segmenting weekly emails and automating customer retention

SkinMedix was using batch and blast emails for marketing, with little success. After implementing Windsor Circle’s Customer Retention Software they were able to send personalized emails through customer segmentation. With over 50x ROI SkinMedix is expected to make over $1MM in a year!

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Annmarie Gianni Skin Care: Over $600k thanks to retention automation


annmarie gianni skin care windsor circleAnnmarie Gianni Skin Care, an online skin care retailer whose goal is to provide a clean, natural skin care experience using natural, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients, set up 77 automated emails based on different criteria, such as number of purchases, predicted order date, produce purchased, etc. Using this method they effectively got rid of batch and blast emails.

The results? Over $600k in profits, a 41.6% increase in open rates, and a 53.9% increase in click rates. Read more here.



evo: Utilizing Purchase History


evo Case Study Windsor Circle

One of evo's highest grossing products, ski boots, had a high return rate. 

Why? This was attributed to the difficulty of trying on ski boots at home. With the help of a 3 part email campaign evo was able to correct the problem and see 3.2 times the opens and 9.6 times the clicks. Read more here

And the Winner is...

| by Polly Flinch, Windsor Circle |

ELF Organic Transit Windsor Circle IRCE We gave away an ELF as part of IRCE 2014. This green wheeled beauty drew quite the crowd at our booth. Competition to win this sweet ride was fierce - thanks everyone for entering, and remember there is always next year.

Click here to learn who the lucky winner is!  Drumroll please!

Who is your customer - really?


When thinking about customer behavior, it's easy to think about customers at the aggregate level because this is how data are presented to us.  For example, we rarely analyze the path "Scot" took through website because there are just too many visitors.  Instead, we look at the top level data, or a few different segments that might originate from a specific channel or campaign.  While these numbers are helpful, marketers miss opportunities because the data blur the lines that make individuals individuals.

An individual is like a good meal made of fine ingredients.  Most ingredients are used in multiple dishes, and just because you know the ingredient, doesn't mean you know what dish it is.  To assume you do leads to big mistakes.  What if the ingredient is milk?  Could be cereal, ice cream, pancakes, cookies, fried chicken, cheese, or something else entirely.  There is no way to know based on one piece of information (i.e. milk), yet this is how we often segment our customers.

We need to find ways to segment customers based on multiple criteria, and doing this right means consolidating data across multiple data sources.  We obviously don't just interact with customers in one place; we do it on social sites, ecommerce platforms, search engines, etc.  If we limit ourselves to one data source, we don't get the whole picture and we're stuck guessing whether we're eating ice cream or cheese.  Consolidating data gives us more ingredients, and more information about our customers.  We can know their history of items purchased, products "liked," pages viewed and emails opened.  This gives us a powerful look into the demographics and behaviors that shape our customers and make them unique individuals.

Once we have the full picture, we can eliminate costly mistakes.  For example, take a retailer that just uses a signup form to define email marketing segments.  I mark that I'm a "male" and begin to get emails targeted at men.  Good job - the retailer is on the right track.  However, I then go and purchase three straight products designed for women, which is not inconceivable given that my mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law all have birthdays in March (rough month, indeed).  Wouldn't it make sense to start sending me promotions that are geared towards women?  Better yet, how about recognizing that I'm a guy, yet seem to buy female products?  It's not a leap to assume I'm buying gifts, and then market gift offers to me.

Combining demographic data with purchase history expands the opportunities for me to understand my individual customers.  It moves me out of mass marketing and into personalization.  It moves me from being annoying to my customers to being relevant.  It moves from guessing whether I'm about to eat ice cream or cauliflower casserole.

Windsor Circle Partners at IRCE 2014

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Windsor Circle Partners IRCE 2014Next week hundreds of retailers, software providers, and agencies will travel to Chicago, IL for IRCE 2014 (June 10-13). With so many exhibitors in attendance it can be a bit overwhelming the first time you walk into the exhibit hall. Done get caught off guard, come prepared with a game plan of which exhibitors you want to visit. I have put together a list of must see exhibits, all of whom we partner with! Read more to learn which Windsor Circle partners will be in attendance.