Reflections on the Startup Journey

| by Polly Flinch, Windsor Circle |

Windsor Circle Team Photo ParadoxosWindsor Circle hosted a party on Friday, April 11th as part of Paradoxos. The event celebrated the journey of Startup companies everywhere and included activities such as departmental speed dating, live music, tours of AU @Main, a pop-up career fair, a talk on Google Demo Day, lots of prizes, free wine and beer, and fun! Read more.

Windsor Circle takes the trophy at Google Demo Day

| by Polly Flinch, Windsor Circle |

Windsor Circle team takes first place at Google Demo Day 2014Windsor Circle was selected as one of ten companies in North America to pitch at the first ever Google Demo Day on April 2, 2014. Matt Williamson, our CEO, pitched to over 100 investors and a panel of 3 judges, Steve Case (CEO of Revolution and founder of AOL), Steph Palmeri (SoftTech VC) and MG Siegler (Google Ventures) and brought home the gold for the Windsor Circle team with a first place win. Read more.

The Startup Journey: Windsor Circle's Party, Open House, and Talent Meet Up

| by Polly Flinch, Windsor Circle |

Windsor Circle Start Up Journey PartyWindsor Circle is throwing a party as part of Paradoxos: a festival celebrating the maximum collision of people and ideas. The Startup Journey: Party, Open House, and Talent Meet Up will take place on Friday April 11, 2014 from 4:30 - 8 pm and will feature tours of American Underground at Main, departmental speed dating and a pop-up career fair. Stop by and groove to some live music, enjoy some local eats and drink a brew or two.  Read more and RSVP here.


A Word From The Ministry of Shenanigans

Brad Springer Michael HueyThe Ministry of Shenanigans has released it's first statement explaining their mission as a new department at Windsor Circle. Hear from Brad Springer (on the left in the photo) and Michael Huey (on the right in the photo) on why they love their newly appointed positions and why Windsor Circle even came up with the Ministry of Shenanigans in the first place. Read more.

3 eCommerce Innovations at SXSW 2014

| by Andrew Pearson, Windsor Circle |

Bonobos Guidepost StoreSouth by Southwest (SXSW) is one of my favorite digital events of the year.  Bringing together thousands, if not tens of thousands, of creatives and technology professionals from over 75 countries, SXSW fills Austin TX with the electric buzz of innovation.  This year at SXSW, I explored as many retail and eCommerce focused events as possible, and saw energy around 3 innovation themes I wanted to share.  Read more.

REAL Durham

| by Taylor Knapp, Windsor Circle |

Downtown Durham REAL DurhamWindsor Circle joins a new initiative called REAL Durham. Good corporate citizenship has always been a goal for Windsor Circle; however, we recently started asking ourselves how deeply we could engage those in need of help residing in the city around us. Durham has been undergoing a revival over the last few years and since this is our home, we want to help! Read more.

What's with the Name Windsor Circle?

| by Matt Williamson, CEO |

Windsor Circle Logo People always ask, "Why are you named Windsor Circle?", "Where did the name come from?", "Are you named after that street in Chapel Hill?", well never fear our CEO, Matt Williamson is here to explain the origin of our name. Is this a story of drama and histrionics? Not really. But there is some suspense and right time, right place involved in this store. Read on to learn the full history of how Windsor Circle came to be.

The Ministry of Shenanigans

| by Matt Williamson, CEO |

There's a lot of zaniness about Windsor Circle. Case in point Mr. Venerable Purple Walrus on the left, our green pants, and the Ministry of Shenanigans. This newly launched department has been put together to provide fun and laughter internally at Windsor Circle as well as to our neighbors at American Underground at Main. Headed by Michael Huey and Brad Springer, the ministry has already pranked two of our neighbors - SportTracks and Bull City Ventures. Watch the videos here.


Hidden Features of MailChimp - A/B Content Testing

| by Michael Huey, Windsor Circle |

MailChimp A/B Testing Windsor Circle BlogSince the dawn of time (or at least the advent of Windsor Circle), we have heard people exclaim, "I wish MailChimp had A/B testing for email content!" Unbeknownst to 90% of the MailChimp using world, it does! The secret to possessing this widely sought after knowledge? One little blog post. One of our client success managers, Michael Huey, shares the secrets to A/B testing in MailChimp. Read more.