Jingle Through the Holidays

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Windsor-Circle-oliday=LullsDon’t let the lulls after your peak days get you down! Jingle all the way through the holidays with these tips on making the most of each day you have. Use your customer purchase data to drive automated responses to ensure retention after the rush. Read on for tips, tricks, and more.


Why Brick-and-Mortar Retailers need Data to Succeed

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Windsor-Circle-Brick-And-Mortar-Using-DataA recent survey by Harris Poll found that 46% of American adults report showrooming, while a majority (69%) use reverse showrooming (researching products on the web before heading to a store to purchase) to inform their buying decisions. As eCommerce grows, it has become vital for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to turn their attention to creating the same personalized in-store experience that customers have become accustomed to through online shopping. Learn more.

Data-Driven Marketing Solves Luxury Retailer Challenge

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Luxury retailer marketers strive to deliver engaging customer relationships, which mirror the authenticity of traditional brick & mortar interactions, through strategic email marketing campaigns. Read more about how eCommerce merchants integrate transactional data into email campaigns to segment their customers and automate key interactions to deliver unique personal experiences, while increasing customer retention.

The Ins & Outs of Cart Recovery

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Average-Retailers=Cart=AbandonmentOn average, online retailers experience a 65% rate of shopping cart abandonment, leading to nearly $4 trillion in merchandise lost each year. Read more to learn about the impact of automated emails on cart recovery rates for retailers.

2014 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Results

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black-friday-cyber-monday-results-windsor-circleAfter weeks of projections, estimations, and predictions, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. So how did retailers fair and what can we learn from this year's results? Learn more.

How Startups can Suceed and Grow Using Data

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Retailers have to compete in a very noisy market. Startups have to compete in the same market with less resources; however, by leveraging data these startups can get a leg up and get their hands on actionable data that will not only help retain customers, but allow them to present their investors with hard numbers and metrics for success. Read more here.