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eTail West 2015 recap

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Windsor Circle participated in eTail West 2015 in Palm Springs, CA. Many sessions covered data-driven, personalized and predictive marketing. Here are takeaways from three different sessions that focused on how retailers can use their data to better target their customers.

Using Automation to Trigger Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Customer Satisfaction SurveyGreat lifecycle marketing begins with personalizing email campaigns. Customer Satisfaction surveys are a great way to gauge how your subscribers feel about your current products, services and support framework. Read three key steps to take to craft email reviews and satisfaction surveys proven to engage your customers.

8 Technology Shifts Retailers Can Learn From

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Target has steered into nasty storms, made some missteps, thrown several crews overboard and uncovered some lessons that all retailers can learn from. Which is why our Windsor Circle team won’t miss seeing Jason Goldberger, President for and Target Mobile speak at IRCE and you shouldn’t either!

Anniversary Emails: The Unofficial Win-Back Campaign

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Many retailers have found automated win-back campaigns to be an effective way to increase customer retention. These messages are sent to potentially churning customers in hopes to encourage them to make another order. Anniversary emails are also an opportunity to reach this group. Learn how you can use these “unofficial” win-back messages to show your customers that you appreciate them, and encourage that they return the favor.

Optimize acquisition; double down on retention

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ROI-Revolution-Windsor-CircleLast week we attended the Retail Traffic & Conversion Summit in Orlando, FL which focused on Search Engine Optimization and acquisition techniques. Here are the three key takeaways from this year's event. Read more.

Weather Proof Email Marketing

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Learn how retailers with brick and mortar + online stores can geographically segment customers (local + online) to send winter related newsletters, ie: “INSTOCK: Generators, flashlights” or “Winter Essentials: Order online, pickup in store.” Because, you wouldn’t want to send “Spring is almost upon us!” newsletters to areas covered in 10 feet of snow...

High Five Conference 2015 - Top Five Must See Sessions

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Get the best brilliance for your buck at the 2015 High Five Conference in Raleigh, NC this month. The guys and gals in green pants will be at the top five High Five sessions, and we look forward to seeing you there. Read on to learn which five conference sessions we’ve dubbed must sees.

Top 5 eCommerce Metrics: Part 2

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In part two of our series that highlights the important eCommerce metrics to track in Google Analytics, we explore another set of 5 key metrics that help to better understand your visitors, how they are finding your site online and grouping your URLs to track performance of your email marketing campaigns. 

Top 5 Retail Campaigns You Must Run in 2015

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Join Windsor Circle, WhatCounts, and a group of panelists present the top 5 retail campaigns that marketers should run in 2015. Join the discussion, in our upcoming webinar, where we'll be discussing some of the most powerful automated campaigns that leverage post-purchase transactional data. 


Replenishment: The Art of Never Running Out

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What if whenever you were about to run out of coffee, shampoo, razors and even toilet paper they all showed up magically on your doorstep? Discover how online retailers are making this a reality for their customer base by sending data-driven automated replenishment campaigns.