Focus on Diversity

Key Ingredient: Inclusion

We are dedicated to creating a company that represents and supports diversity at all levels. In our day-to-day operations, employees interact with clients and business partners who have backgrounds from around the world. This is one of the reasons why we value employees that contribute to our understanding of different educational backgrounds, cultures, ages and world views.

At Windsor Circle we believe that a diverse and inclusive team makes us a stronger company by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, and experiences to create a truly collaborative workplace. We leverage all talents, hear all perspectives and strive to recognize and develop each person to their full potential. Employees are valued because of, and not in spite of, visible and non-visible differences.

Speak up, we value your opinion. Team members bring a certain required skill-set and background. We encourage employees to provide a fresh perspective on our company objectives, or create new ones.

Cultural Knowledge
Your understanding of people from different cultures is valuable to us. It helps us when we work with people from diverse backgrounds and guides us in setting up work environments that meet the needs of all employees.

Your age is an asset. We count on our younger employees to keep our thinking fresh, and our "more experienced" employees to keep us grounded with their practical application.

Family Status
We are a family-friendly company and place to work. We ensure the exit and return to work is as seamless and stress-free as possible by offering a 6-week fully paid maternity benefit.

Together, we work toward an inclusive environment that fosters creativity, innovation and camaraderie. View our open positions and join our winning team.